Apa Villa Phulbari is the high point of the Apa Villas in Asia. The hilltop farmhouse in Phulbari or “flower garden” is situated close to 2000 metres in the district of Kavre, east out of the Kathmandu Valley

The nearest town is Dhulikel, a destination for visitors from the capital to view the Himalayan mountain range. Indeed, the magic of Phulbari is the vista of eight outstanding Himalaya summits at times peeking shyly above the clouds or glowing in the early morning rays.

Phulbari farm is the home of Organic Himalaya Pte. Ltd. which over the past three years has been producing organic vegetables and herbs, jams, pickles and teas. Most of the produce is shipped to Singapore for sale by the owners thus stamping Organic Himalaya as the first to export from Nepal.

Being a pioneer organic farm in the district, Organic Himalaya has encouraged the local farmers to grow without chemical fertilisers and pesticides. The farm is focussing on planting fruits, nuts and crops that will eventually be made into fabulous jams (peach, ginger, rhododendron, mulberry, plum, etc.) and enticing pickles (for example, chilis, tomato, radish, brinjal). In years to come and with patience, Organic Himalaya hopes to produce first-pressed olive, sunflower and mustard oils. Already, its famous Phulbari lemon grass tea has gained popularity in the local and overseas market as far as Germany.

Our unique estate lies at the end of a ridge bordering a forest reserve and surrounded by cascades of valleys, rising terraces and hillocks. Farmers and their families populate the area and the local schools lie at the bottom of our hill. Nearby, Namo Buddha Monastery and pilgrimage site accentuates the rich and diverse culture of Nepal.

When the Maoist insurgency was at its height, the farm was left to mature on its own with minimal maintenance. With the revived optimism for a better future for the country, we have opened our doors to welcome friends and farm guests interested in our work.

Apa Villa Phulbari is ideal for those in search of spiritual or inner satisfaction with little fuss but great comfort and cleanliness. Great rewards for those who love hiking and discovering in an unspoilt territory bounding with medieval hamlets, abundant nature and friendly people. Our local staff treads gently around the guests with a naiive curiosity and willingness to serve.

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